About the Work

Ketuv offers a fine arts option for couples seeking Ketubahs (documents formalizing a marriage under Jewish law). Led by dynamic co-founders Arielle and Maya, Ketuv offers unique opportunities for artists and a one-of-a-kind artwork and document for couples.

Ketuv reached out to Social Ink to analyze their site and offer a consultation regarding their user interface, particularly on the homepage and blog. After a thorough review, we suggested opening up the site with better margins and more space, making typography changes, and implementing a cascading grid of products, among other refinements.

Following up on our review, we massaged the existing code to implement the changes and revitalize the site.

Ketuv Ketubah: Ketuv Homepage

Ketuv Homepage

Ketuv Ketubah: Ketuv Products

Ketuv Products

Ketuv Ketubah: Ketuv Blog

Ketuv Blog

Ketuv Ketubah: Ketuv Blog - in detail

Ketuv Blog - in detail

Ketuv Ketubah: Ketuv Footer

Ketuv Footer

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