Simple Stripe Payments WordPress Plugin – Accept Stripe Payments for Contributions, Donations and Subscription Payments

Simple Stripe Payments WP integrates your WordPress site with Stripe’s easy to use credit card processing system, allowing you to easily accept contributions, donations and payments via credit card.  Stripe allows you to easily process cards on your site with full PCI compliance and brings an exciting new take to payment prcessing, and our plugin allows you an easy way to bolt-on a solution in just under 5 minutes! Simply install the plugin, enter your API keys (available under your Stripe backend) and be immediately on your way toward accepting payments.

Features of Simple Stripe Payments WordPress:

Multiple forms on different pages.  Want to offer $15/$30/$45 on one page and simply a basic contribution on another page?  Do it easily with a quick shortcode!

Recurring subscriptions.  Our plugin works with Stripe’s innovative approach to subscriptions to integrate recurring contributions on a monthly or annual basis, of any amount.

Database tracking.  Track payments, ban IPs and email your customer all from the WordPress backend.  No need to enter Stripe ever!

Email reciepts.  Receive an email receipt as an administrator and send custom receipts to your clients.

Specialized “campaigns”.  With a little bit of custom uploading, create a welcome “campaign” for your clients.  Use one page for a year-end fundraising run… Or another to promote your new book!

Any questions?  Please use the contact link above!  We love this plugin – and Stripe’s easy to use processing and fees – that we’re using it on our own site!

Thanks again for checking out Social Ink’s plugins.