Website design and development for the Red Hook Hub, a community events platform brought to you by the Red Hook Initiative.

At a Glance

  • Fully featured Events platform
  • User submissions via custom front-end form
  • Featured events with lightbox previews
  • Groundwork for future resource center

About the Work

We worked alongside the amazing team at the Red Hook Initiative to completely rebuild the Red Hook Hub, updating the branding and design along with the functionality, providing administrative review and editing control, custom event organizing methods, user submissions, event previews, and templates for a resource center down the road.

We’re proud of our work with the Red Hook Initiative to build a new community-centered events website for a vital Brooklyn neighborhood!

Red Hook Hub: Calendar


Red Hook Hub: Home


Red Hook Hub: Featured Events

Featured Events

Red Hook Hub: Event Preview

Event Preview

Red Hook Hub: Event Submission

Event Submission

Red Hook Hub: About


Red Hook Hub: Metadata and Map

Metadata and Map

Red Hook Hub: Footer


Red Hook Hub: Languages


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