Branding is more than just a logo.

Social Ink is happy to boost its existing identity services with the addition of a brand positioning and strategy offering.


A successful brand may be characterized by a strategic and dynamic execution on the unique vision and offering of a organization, company, or individual. Though the terms “branding” and “logo” are often used interchangeably, they are indeed distinct. While “logo” refers to the visual graphic or word mark associated with an organization/service/offering/individual, “branding” is the idea of a specific service or offering with which consumers can connect.

In order to have the most effective and enduring impact on your customers / members / clients, one must start by identifying and defining the core values and ideas of their company

Ok, but what do I get?

A. Positioning

Identify organizational vision, mission, & values

Determine primary audiences and information needs

B. Characteristics & Personality

Identify key characteristics and personality traits of your brand

C. Definition & Guidelines

Create guidelines to govern the execution of the brand across touch points.

Define accent colors, layout principles, photo styles, and graphic elements applied to key applications

D. Messaging

Messaging provides the words that help target audiences understand your brand’s value proposition. Key messages will articulate the brand’s promise for both your company and your core offerings.