5 Reasons You Should Convert from a Flash Site to a CMS Powered Platform

Over the past few years, there has been a tidal shift in the fundamental approach to building a website. No longer a collection of pages or a static “production”, a website needs to grow alongside your organization or business. When the Wing advertising agency decided to leave their Flash-based site and move toward a WordPress-based CMS platform, we discussed with them at length the benefits and appeal of this type of transition.

As fellow creatives we understand how important it is to combine presentation and functionality. Following the Social Ink collaborative model, we worked with the Wing art department to convert their designs to a fully functional, dynamic web home, free of flash, but not of powerful slideshows, smooth layered popups, and embedded video. (You can read more about the project and explore similar work on our portfolio entry.)

Leaving flash for a javascript/html/css solution offered the following advantages:

  1. Better search engines performance (SEO);
  2. Improved mobile viewing;
  3. Faster content load;
  4. Flexibility for custom development and a powerful framework and plugin-set;
  5. The opportunity for non-technical staff to easily maintain, edit, and add content to the site, while retaining the look and feel of the site.

Let us help you with your next flash conversion or design conversion project. For more about the benefits of a CMS, read up on why we think everyone should be building websites with a CMS these days.