Social Ink worked with independent publisher The Feminist Press to promote a new website dedicated to the youth-led movement #StopSlut.

About the Work

#StopSlut is a youth-led movement that grew from the response to SLUT: The Play; its mission is to transform rape culture through activism. Social Ink worked with The Feminist Press, a nonprofit literary publisher that advocates for freedom of expression and social justice, to promote #StopSlut.

Working alongside The Feminist Press we created a web platform that provides tour information and ticketing for SLUT: The Play, serves as a launch point for youth activism, and provides support resources for advocates and survivors. The CMS powered site is responsive across phones, tablets, and monitors of various shapes and sizes and will aid the growth of the #StopSlut movement.

We are thrilled to work with The Feminist Press, continuing our service to progressive nonprofit organizations.

The Feminist Press: #StopSlut: Mobile Responsive Design (RWD)

Mobile Responsive Design (RWD)

The Feminist Press: #StopSlut: #StopSlut Homepage

#StopSlut Homepage

The Feminist Press: #StopSlut: SLUT: The Play Synopsis & Reviews

SLUT: The Play Synopsis & Reviews

The Feminist Press: #StopSlut: #StopSlut Support Resources

#StopSlut Support Resources

The Feminist Press: #StopSlut: Activism Starter Kit

Activism Starter Kit

The Feminist Press: #StopSlut: Events Page

Events Page

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