Site redesign and development for the Grey Art Gallery of NYU, featuring exhibitions, collections, and artworks in a media-rich, archival scale gallery website.

At a Glance

  • Extensive Content Migration covering 25 years of exhibitions
  • Interaction between Exhibitions, Artworks, and Collections
  • UX research covering multiple visitor and researcher use cases
  • Events, Special Events, and Programs feed
  • Digital Publications with physical sales


About the Work

As a university art museum, the Grey Art Gallery functions to collect, preserve, study, document, interpret, and exhibit the evidence of human culture. 

In a return to the gallery and museum sector, Social Ink worked alongside the Grey Art Gallery to create their new home on the web. The new site showcases the Gallery’s emphasis on art’s historical, cultural, and social contexts.

Our design and functional approach centered around the Gallery’s constantly revolving exhibitions, providing historical context and a rich archive with a system that easily accommodates new shows and changing exhibits. From a User Experience perspective, our work focused on visitors core needs such as gallery hours and logistical information, with more esoteric pursuits of research and discovery.

The project includes content migration of over twenty-five years of exhibitions, gallery events, and publications from the Grey’s older static HTML site. The site includes a detailed archive of these past exhibits, and a customized backend experience for no-code site administration and growth, along with our de-facto mobile and responsive design.

With the Grey Gallery’s new site, we’re happy to continue our work on websites for museums and galleries, educational organizations, and other civic institutions and the arts!

Grey Art Gallery at New York University: Gallery Collections

Gallery Collections

Grey Art Gallery at New York University: Home Page

Home Page

Grey Art Gallery at New York University: Exhibition Image Display

Exhibition Image Display

Grey Art Gallery at New York University: Contact Form

Contact Form

Grey Art Gallery at New York University: Grid of Past Exhibits

Grid of Past Exhibits

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