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Help us sing the praises of the new Highbridge Voices website

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the new website for Highbridge Voices, an arts- and youth-centric nonprofit using music education and performance to enrich the lives of local children in the Highbridge neighborhood of the Bronx, NY.

We specialize in working with nonprofits to help them grow, based around our model of collaborative work and building sites that can be independently managed down the road.

New Videos from Julian Schnabel

Picking up on our work with artist, filmmaker, and general man-about-town Julian Schnabel, we recently designed and developed a custom, self-hosted video section on The new section highlights behind the scenes footage and other archival material and video art from Schnabel and company, including a short documentary, sculpture in Switzerland, and a ‘making of’ featurette for Ahab.

Rather than embedding videos via a third party service such as youtube or vimeo, we designed and implemented a custom player, giving a more branded, streamlined look and feel. As part of our ongoing mission to serve artists and creatives in New York (and beyond!), we’re thrilled to expand the growing portfolio website and online home for Julian Schnabel.

The Dilettante Army marches on

We launched one of the most fun projects of the year recently, the brand-spanking-new Dilettante Army website.

Dilettante Army is an art and culture-based online magazine, publishing “facts, lies and rants” about everything from Abromovic to the World’s Fair, and in between.

As our portfolio entry describes, highlights of our work together were a contructivist-inspired design and interface, and a new, image-based search results algorithm with both relevance and randomization. Fun stuff for both our designer and developer nerds!

Portfolio Websites: May Andersen's work has a new home on the web!

May Andersen, a model and artist currently living in New York City, has launched a brand new portfolio website, happily implemented by our team here at Social Ink! The site showcases not only Andersen’s modeling work (did you miss her in the 2003 Sports Illustrated Swim Suit edition?), but also her photography and art, essays, and a blog.

This site posed a unique challenge–to splice in Andersen’s instagram photography into the content of the site itself. Through some custom code, we were able to provide yet another easy way for non-technical clients to update there site, no code required!

Read our full write up on the project on your portfolio page.

Whitewall Magazine Launches

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Whitewall Magazine’s new website, a collaboration with Antebellum design studio! Social Ink worked to convert the Antebellum designs and revamp Whitewall’s web platform. For more info, click on over to our portfolio entry, or get your art & fashion fix on the whitewall mag website.

Recent Launch: Project Vortex

We’re pleased to announce the recent stage 1 launch of Project Vortex, a non-profit organization which commits itself to using salvaged ocean debris as materials and inspiration for art. We set up Project Vortex with a fully functional,  CMS including slideshows and an integrated news feed. We were particularly happy to work alongside fellow designer Justin Troust of secondsight art, whose great design we were able to execute for the site.

Read more about Project Vortex on our portfolio.