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J.M. Kaplan Fund

Website development for the JM Kaplan Fund, a philanthropic NYC Foundation with a local and international scope

She's the First

Web design and development for She’s the First, a non-profit dedicated to sponsoring girls education in the developing world.


Development and ongoing support for, an organization empowering non-profits, community organizations, and groups doing work in the interest of the public good

Parking Mobility App Download

Parking Mobility is an organization providing resources for people with disabilities. We developed App download and My Account pages on their social networking site

World Science Festival

The World Science Festival is an annual public conference gathering the world’s top scientists for public talks in New York City


Web design and development for Anthropology Now, an independent initiative committed to claiming a public voice for anthropology

Cobblestone Foods

A local gourmet foods boutique needed to revamp their website. We took their existing design and made it more consistent across the board

Jenna's Rainbow

Web design overhaul and re-coding for Jenna’s Rainbow Foundation, a philanthropy helping children with pediatric cancer and their families.