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Social Ink prides itself on creating website with a view toward accessibility – in laymen’s terms, how people with disabilities view the web, a primarily visually-based interface.

Social Ink takes the W3’s recommendations for accessibility very seriously for many reasons.  Primarily, we find that accessibility works for users with disability and without.  That is, developing for browsers with disabilities allows us to develop enduring code that works well across various platforms (from mobile Android and iPhone to Unix) and audiences, including older users and/or users in countries without the never ending stream of high-ending computers we rely on so frequently in the United States.

The Code of Fair Practice lays forth standard business practices in the design community, including terms for negotiations and different types of agreements between designers/artists and clients.

What is a Content Management System, or CMS? A CMS is a system which provides a user-friendly, code-free backend that puts you in control of adding and editing your content. Learn more about why building your site with a CMS is an integral part of our web philosophy and business model — and why it should become part of yours, too!