Striped Members WordPress Plugin – Membership, Paid/Restricted Content, Paywalls, Subscriptions and more with Stripe!


Striped Members is Social Ink’s answer to protecting your WordPress site’s content and making it available only to paid subscribers, using the Stripe payment gateway processor. Have you ever wanted to create a subscription-only site, or set up a “paywall” for members to get premium content? It’s super easy with the Striped Members plugin. Set up an account with, enter your details and start collecting subscriptions in 5 minutes.

Our Striped Members WordPress plugin has many granular-to-broad control settings. Protect a custom post type, one term in a taxonomy, or a category. Allow one item to be viewed by the public on a post-by-post basis in order to drum up business. Other features include:

  • Complete integration with Stripe – choose all your premade plans, or only one!
  • Full custom control with shortcodes – put a form on one page or multiple pages on your site. Or, use the shortcode in a text widget to put into a sidebar.
  • Minimal styling – just enough to make it look nice, but nothing that will overwhelm your current theme.

Unlike some other plugins on the market, our plugin has the user first register, then pay for their subscription after. We set up this method (2 steps rather than one) for a few reasons:

  • You get to keep user data in the WordPress tables, so you can integrate it with other WP data-collection and user management plugins.
  • A user can let their subscription lapse, and renew at any time without creating a new login or password, thereby upping retention rates according to Social Ink’s research.
  • More secure! Let WP handle subscription, password and user management with its continuing community support. Let our plugin handle payment, billing and the rest.

Screenshots (click on any thumb to see a full size image):

Please note that, like with our Stripe Payments or Simple Authorize Payments plugins, your site must have an existing SSL certificate and an appropriately configured secured WordPress blog to accept credit card payments.  We offer hourly support in setup if necessary; please contact us for more information.