A new web platform for NewYorkScapes, a research community harnessing digital resources to examine the history of urban cultures.

At a Glance

  • branding and visual identity with custom animated logo, colors and typography
  • integrated events with mapping
  • advanced search and data catalogue with custom metadata sorting
  • featured projects and researchers connected via dynamic “hub” templates

About the Work

Founded in 2013, NewYorkScapes comprises a number of activities, among them a NewYorkScapes Writing Group, an Urban Space Reading Group, and faculty workshop dedicated to integrating long-term digital projects into the larger collective research community.

NewYorkScapes uses digital concepts and tools to delve into the history of urban cultures. The initiative requires a powerful CMS that uses digital forms to engage a broad research community and Social Ink worked with NYS staff to make that a reality.

To invigorate the site branding and visual identity, we created a new logo and a user interface tailored for researchers. The design and logo take inspiration from New York City’s rich history and endless diversity, translating that in an internet setting. Harnessing tags and hub templates, the site connects and organizes principal investigators, their projects, and various research areas. Users can quickly delve into one research project or browse the breadth of studies in one research area.

As with all our projects, this site features SEO tools for its administrators and is responsive across myriad phones, tablets, laptops, and monitors.  A custom-made installation of the WordPress CMS, key features of the site include a robust data catalog, advanced search and sorting tools, and events mapping.

Our work with NewYorkScapes is a representation of our various partnerships with New York City’s academic community and its need for modern, user-friendly web platforms. We’re so glad to have helped bring the latest iteration of this dynamic research tool to life!


NYU: NewYorkScapes: NewYorkScapes Homepage

NewYorkScapes Homepage

NYU: NewYorkScapes: NewYorkScapes Animated Logo

NewYorkScapes Animated Logo

NYU: NewYorkScapes: Smart Contact Form

Smart Contact Form

NYU: NewYorkScapes: NewYorkScapes Events

NewYorkScapes Events

NYU: NewYorkScapes: Inquisite Data Catalogue

Inquisite Data Catalogue

NYU: NewYorkScapes: Featured Researchers

Featured Researchers

NYU: NewYorkScapes: Featured Projects

Featured Projects

NYU: NewYorkScapes: Featured Project - Singular View

Featured Project - Singular View

NYU: NewYorkScapes: Directory of Researchers

Directory of Researchers

NYU: NewYorkScapes: Branding Moodboard

Branding Moodboard

NYU: NewYorkScapes: Advanced Search

Advanced Search

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