Design and development for the IUCN Global Gender Office, featuring a cross-tabulated advanced resource directory, mapping, and digital presentation conversion.

At a Glance

  • Advanced Knowledge Base search with filtered categories, topics, and geographies
  • Interactive Map with CMS database integration
  • Digital version of policy and research publication Roots for the Future (presented to the United Nations)
  • Automated translation via Google Translate
  • Email newsletter integration


About the Work

The IUCN –International Union for Conservation of Nature—is an intergovernmental organization comprised of more than 200 government and more than 900 non-government organizations. The Global Gender Office (GGO) provides innovative approaches, technical support, policy development and capacity building to the IUCN, ensuring gender equality is central to sustainable global environmental solutions.

Continuing our work building websites for nonprofits, Social Ink worked alongside key stakeholders at the Global Gender Office to overhaul their old, static site into a dynamic, CMS-powered resource center for initiatives, outreach and resources.

Our flexible process brought together stakeholders from sites scattered across the globe, standardizing metadata for various content types and integrating it with a new Knowledge Center–an advanced interface for resources and research, and a range of other content types.

Additionally, the new site features an interactive and filterable map, pulling from the live website database of resources, allowing staff to post a single resource and have it populate the map — and various other sections of the site all at once.

Other key features of the project include immersive high resolution photography, information architecture consulting to organize and optimize a wealth of work and knowledge resources, automated translation via Google Translate, a private, members-only discussion forum, and email newsletter integration.

IUCN Global Gender Office: Mobile Responsive Design (RWD)

Mobile Responsive Design (RWD)

IUCN Global Gender Office: Full Homepage Snapshot

Full Homepage Snapshot

IUCN Global Gender Office: Our Work Overview

Our Work Overview

IUCN Global Gender Office: Knowledge Center Overview

Knowledge Center Overview

IUCN Global Gender Office: Advanced Search in the Knowledge Center

Advanced Search in the Knowledge Center

IUCN Global Gender Office: Knowledge Center Search Results

Knowledge Center Search Results

IUCN Global Gender Office: In-page subnavigation

In-page subnavigation

IUCN Global Gender Office: Work and Expertise

Work and Expertise

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