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Walgreens Gone Wrong

A project of national organization Change to Win, this campaign site focuses on stakeholder – Walgreens relationships

Tor Ekeland, PC

Brand identity, website design & development, and full-bleed image slideshows for NYC Law Firm

CUNY: Neil Smith

A platform to present multimedia work for Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and Geography at CUNY

Family Values @ Work

Social Ink launches new platform for multi-state consortium, a network advocating for labor rights that value families at work

East River Greenway

Social Ink worked with Friends of the East River Park Greenway to design and develop a bright new advocacy website.


Development and ongoing support for, an organization empowering non-profits, community organizations, and groups doing work in the interest of the public good

World Science Festival

The World Science Festival is an annual public conference gathering the world’s top scientists for public talks in New York City

Kensington Prospect

Logo design and web development for the Kensington Prospect, a local neighborhood blog from Kensington, Brooklyn