The Qwiz


Brian Clouser, head honcho at, had a quiz app idea he wanted to implement, and reached out to Social Ink.  The idea was simple and time-consuming: a fully dynamic, updatable database-based quiz – cleverly titled The Qwiz – that would allow links, advertisements and member integration.  He also wanted it integrated with other social media, so Google and Facebook logins were a must.

Design and Development

With our design team and a special graphic designer friend (designer of the image you see above) we built a brand new site with Brian, including thinking about user interface, bug testing across multiple browsers, and thinking through how things like Youtube and options would affect gameplay.  We specifically brought in consultants with experience in the online gaming world to help us test what users wanted to play, and how they wanted to play it.

Gaming and Ranking

We also needed a way to integrate the other, back-end aspects of gameplay, such as ranking, rating and scores.  Using sophisticated algorithms developed and tested across many players with many questions, we were able to store and display game play statistics, as well as implement other systems (currently proprietary!) designed to excite potential players and encourage repeat visitors.

User Management

Because TheQwiz needed to store login info, as well as gather data from Google and Facebook — and publish back out to Facebook — we had to work to create an integrated system that allowed advanced reporting, such as average score, average ranking, and other exportable, sortable data about membership.

To The Future…

We’re delighted to have worked with Brian on his vision.  Check out our profile of The Qwiz here.