Before and After: NYU Review of Law and Social Change

Client “Pain Points” or Issues:

  • Long feed of indistinguishable articles
  • Legibility concerns
  • Confusion between print and online efforts
  • Clunky workflow for online publishing, including subsections, footnotes and article annotation
  • Lack of distinct branding or style

Design and Development Responses and Solutions:

  • New system combining manual curation of featured articles and robust automated feeds
  • Typography overhaul for readability while retaining long-form compatibility
  • Streamlined architecture for print-orginated articles vs. digital-only entries
  • Overhauled workflow limiting user error when pasting from Word or Google Docs
  • Vastly improved footnotes, inline with text, vs. endnotes
  • Coherent, text-based branding and overall style without relying on image assets.