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Client “Pain Points” or Issues:

  • Extremely outdated design and interface
  • Content not updatable without coding expertise
  • Resources served only as PDF documents
  • Staff overwhelmed by phone and email inquiries

Design and Development Responses and Solutions:

  • Complete design and functionality overhaul

Client “Pain Points” or Issues:

  • Long feed of indistinguishable articles
  • Legibility concerns
  • Confusion between print and online efforts
  • Clunky workflow for online publishing, including subsections, footnotes and article annotation
  • Lack of distinct branding or style

Design and Development Responses and

Client “Pain Points” or Issues:

  • Overwhelming choices
  • Confusing navigation options
  • No clear call to action
  • Limited user interactivity
  • Improperly configured CMS limiting updates

Design and Development Responses and Solutions:

  • New content model and organization of navigation items
  • Focusing on a


The Association of Underrepresented Minority Fellows (AUMF) is nonprofit member organization promoting the work and building a professional network of minority biomedical scientists at the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels. Funded by the NAACP, the AUMF maintains a voice in the dialog around national science policy. Working directly with Executive Director John Gates, Social Ink crafted a “soup to nuts” solution for a brand new visual identity, multi-faceted website network, and print peripherals.

The Qwiz


Brian Clouser, head honcho at, had a quiz app idea he wanted to implement, and reached out to Social Ink.  The idea was simple and time-consuming: a fully dynamic, updatable database-based quiz – cleverly titled The Qwiz – …

Tor Ekeland PC

As a small startup law firm offering “boutique” services in general practice law (civil and criminal), Tor Ekeland PC opened shop without a finessed logo or website of any kind.