Welcome to Social Ink 3.0!

Hi there! We’re happy to announce our brand new site, Social Ink 3.0. Our new design and interface reflects our ongoing commitment to dynamic, open source web development and design, as well as new forrays into e-commerce and mobile device development, such as work for the iPad or iPhone and of course, Android systems.

Again, welcome to our new site. We hope you’ll have a look around. A detailed look at what’s new, after the jump.

Here are some of our new features:

  • A new and improved portfolio, with projects tagged by keyword and type of service.
  • A Profile page with our bios, a bit more about our process, information about community outreach, and partnerships with other design shops in the collective spirit.
  • A detailed Services page outlining the different ways we can help you or your organization make the most of your communications outreach.

We hope you like what you see. Please drop us a line with your feedback.