Social Ink welcomes another Intern from Brooklyn’s BTTIP Program

From our lovely intern, Tareque Hassan:

Social Ink Interns Brooklyn BTTIP

Social Ink is the place to be for all of you good samaritans that wants the top Web Design and Development work done. They specialize in User Interface, User Experience, and robust future proof code. The coolest thing that the good people of Social Ink thinks about their company is that they provide work for amazing Non Profit Organizations. Their newest innovative project is the Gender and Environment website which all of you can check out at This website consists of Advanced filtering system for their library of resources and of course a clean modern Design. 8 years ago when Social Ink first started they envisioned themselves to be exactly where they are today. An advice from Social Ink to their interns is to teach ourselves as much as we can on our own. Things can be simply found by using Google and all the other open sources out there to see how something works, to think about designs to be more than simple Illustrations and lastly, Lastly, learn them keyboard shortcuts!