Introducing Simple Stripe Payments WordPress Plugin – Accept Stripe Payments for Contributions, Donations and Subscription Payments

Hope you all had a happy New Year! We also took the last week for a well-deserved break, but it doesn’t mean we aren’t hard at work bringing new and exciting products to the WordPress community. We’re happy to introduce our newest product – the Simple Stripe Payments WordPress Plugin, to accept payments from the new and exciting Stripe allows you to process cards on your site with full PCI compliance and brings an exciting new take to payment prcessing, and our plugin allows you an easy way to bolt-on a solution in just under 5 minutes!

The Stripe Payments WordPress Plugin allows recurring subscriptions, multiple forms with different predetermined or open options, and a comprehensive receipt/database tracking solution all integrated into your WordPress backend.  Think of it as a companion piece to our successful Simple Authorize Payments WordPress Plugin (that one only works with, another payment processor).  To read more about Simple Stripe Payments, head over to the Social Ink Shop!