No Small Change: A Website for a (Giving) Revolution

Social Ink is pleased to once again support the efforts of FEX: The Funding Exchange, a national membership organization of regionally based social justice foundations. You can Read more about our work on the this new project on our portfolio page or click on over to the site!

In our latest collaboration, Social Ink developed a microsite for a targeted fundraising drive aptly named No Small Change. With an aim to revolutionize giving, this project connects grantees, donors, and activists, fostering interest and action among these vital groups. By developing a sense of community and participation among potential donors through an interactive, playful, and bold web interface, FEX extends its reach and serves as a true network serving everyday people.

FEX’s Rapid Response Fund is currently collecting donations for quick delivery to support the national Occupy Movement, including local support for Occupy Wall Street here in New York City. The site includes targeted giving with suggested small donor amounts, facebook, twitter, and google plus social integration, email newsletter action, and video-rich slideshows which showcase FEX No Small Change Stories that will inspire giving. These No Small Change Stories are compiled in an index for archiving as well.