The Good Fork brings fine dining and a down home feel to Red Hook

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the new website for The Good Fork restaurant in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Here’s one of the great mysteries of the web — why do most restaurants have such miserable websites? Thankfully, this can no longer be said about the Good Fork, whose new site complements the ambiance of the restaurant–subdued, comforting, and refined.

We specialize in working alongside other small businesses to help them grow, and especially working with restaurants and other food-related ventures. Building on our work with companies like Sea to Table, Big Girls Small Kitchen, Clover Bee Foods, Brooklyn Food Conference, and the City of New York’s ITAC Food Manufacturer’s Toolkit, we’re so happy to bring the Good Fork up to speed with a beautiful and easy to use new website.

For this project, we worked to convert approved designs, working from flat files to bring the design to life. Continuing our work partnering with creatives in and around New York, this design conversion project focused on easy administration for updates to the various menus and offerings of a restaurant or other food-related establishment.

For more about this particular project, head on over to our portfolio entry.