Crunch the numbers: a backend rebuild for Vera’s Cost Benefit Knowledge Bank (CBKB)

The CBKB — that’s Cost Benefit Knowledge Bank — is an initiative of the Vera Institute of Justice which takes an intricate look at the cost-implications of various State and governmental policies in the Justice System. In their own words:

We help practitioners and jurisdictions build their capacity to conduct cost-benefit studies and apply cost-benefit analysis to policy making.

As part of our continuing work with Vera (and websites for nonprofits), we recently helped the CBKB relaunch their website. Though we retained the core design and interface, we worked closely with CBKB admins to make small adjustments to improve the user experience: streamlining layouts, making margins more clean and consistent, and thinking about placement of related content, search result display, and the other “small things” that make a big difference when it comes to user interface design.

We also worked on reshaping the information architecture (IA), creating a more intuitive backend interface that pulled apart different types of content and set up new ways to classify and enter information moving forward.

For more about the project, head on over to our CBKB portfolio entry.